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Daiichi Kinzoku handles materials and products that have won the trust of customers in and outside Japan in various fields including automobiles, construction, heavy industry, household appliances, medical equipment, and office automation systems.
From our extensive product lineup, we are prepared to recommend optimal materials and finishes for your requirements.

Wire Division Steel Strip Division
Piano Wire / Phosphor Bronze Wire / Hardened Steel Wire / Beryllium Copper Wire / Steel Needle Wire / Nickel Silver Wire / Oil Tempered Wire / Brass Wire / Iron Wire / Copper Wire / Stainless Steel Wire / Irregular Shape Wire Cold-Rolled Stainless Steel Strips / Magnesium Alloy Strips / Stainless Steel Spring Strips / Phosphor Bronze Bands / Polished Speciality Steel Strips / Beryllium Copper Bands / Bainitic Steel Strips / Nickel Silver Bands / Hardened Steel Strips / Brass Bands / Irregular Shaped Steel / Iron Strips
Finished Products Peripheral Equipment
Straight Wire Manufacture / Bending Work / Chamfering & Points / Slitter Processing / Degreasing / Leaf Springs / Cutting / Shirring / Precision Press Components / Barreling / Wire Springs / Thermal Treatment / Centerless Grinding Cleaning Aparatus-Alkaline Ionized Water Cleaning Machines / Coiling Machines / Forming Machines / Pressing Machines / Tempering Furnaces / Wire Tables / Band Tables / Testing Equipment
Hardness and Tensile Strength Comparison Table Wire Diameter Weight Comparison Table

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